Unlock the Secrets of SEO of Keyword-Relevant Domain Extensions

12 Jun , 2017 Articles

Unlock the Secrets of SEO of Keyword-Relevant Domain Extensions

There are various tools available for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance the visibility of a website. New businesses usually make efforts and apply several tools so that their websites become evident in the search results and in turn, increases their traffic. One of the most authentic and significant techniques of SEO is the keyword-relevant domain name extensions that have profound effects on the ranking of your website. Keyword-relevant domain name extensions no doubt have been under attack by Google, but it is still as successful as it was before to increase the visibility of your website.

Is keyword in the URL helpful?

The perspective portrayed by the Search Engine Optimization shows that incorporating a keyword into the URL of your website can be very helpful and provide potential advantages such as these domains make the website rank higher in the search engines and eliminate the need for the paid search. Also writing contents and blogs incorporating your keywords can make you rank higher, therefore, keyword domains are actually a great tool provided by SEO in order to increase the visibility and the traffic to your site.

Domain Authority

The domain authority is formed by various technology firms. It is basically a scoring system that scores a website on the basis of its relative quality and number of the inbound links. The websites which have few inbound links usually have a low Domain Authority score, however, the website that has a large number of inbound links from sources like Wikipedia or CNN will definitely score higher on the scale of the Domain Authority. But domain extensions with low Domain Authority is ranked equally among the most established domains. Therefore, relevant domain names with low Domain Authority score have a chance to rank well.

Importance of Keyword Research

For all the new marketers keyword research method is important in order to understand the demand of specific keywords. Regular keyword research is important for the websites whose foundation is built on the keywords. It is a core SEO task that is essential for the people making new websites in order to find some keywords that users usually look for into search engines. Also, keyword research can play a significant role in finding for keywords that you can incorporate into your new blogs that you are going to post on your website. Therefore, keyword research can be extremely helpful in getting your website rank higher.

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