Top of the line free Hosting Solutions for Small Web Projects

14 Jun , 2017 Articles

Top of the line free Hosting Solutions for Small Web Projects

Never in the history have there been so many small web projects as there are now. This is mainly because of the ever increasing small businesses around the globe. Technological innovation, a wider market and an increase in the desire to follows one dream has resulted in this. To announce itself, a business comes up with a website. In modern times setting up a website is equivalent to launching a shop. Minimizing costs are essential for a business. Hence, in order to limit the cost of your website, try to use free web hosting. There are a number of web hosting available free of cost that works perfectly. Do a little research. Pick out the one that is best for you and get started. Following are few top of the line free hosting solutions for small web projects:

Award space is one of the best free hosting solutions for small web projects. It is not only becoming more popular but it is also improving day by day. It allows you to launch your website at zero cost. In addition to this, it also offers a disk space of 1GB and monthly traffic of 5GB. Free ads, 1 domain, 1 email account and 3 sub domains are also provided free of charge.

Zymic is perfect for personal and business use. It offers the best, fastest, convenient and secure web hosting solutions. Zymic provides 6GB space and 50GB bandwidth. With its features of live chat and PHP/MySQL databases, it stands out. It also offers help to its clients in the form articles and tutorials.

5GB free is another popular free hosting solution site. It offers a space of 5GB as its name suggests. It also provides a bandwidth of 20GB, free ads, a sub domain name, 1 FTP account and support. It is ideal for beginner sites that are obviously on a tight budget.

Bravenet is known as the easiest website builder. It is unique in the aspect of providing infinite space and bandwidth free of charge. It also offers a number of specialized updated tools, email marketing platform, and templates.

X10 hosting is considered the most renowned and reliable free hosting solution site. Unlike most of its competitors, it offers unlimited space. It also provides an e-commerce platform, 2 domain names, 3 emails accounts and 2 sub domains. Another factor which makes it the go-to site for people is that it is user-friendly.

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