3 Ways to Choose the Best Small Business Web Host -

3 Ways to Choose the Best Small Business Web Host

It is a fact that you need a web host for your growing business, but you can’t rush the process if you want the best hosting service that will give you the real benefits of online presence. One thing you need to remember always when choosing the best small business web host is that you can make your choice from many available quality hosts out there. So you don’t just have to settle for any available one because you are under pressure or feel you lack options. 

As a business owner, you need to outsource your web hosting service so that you can concentrate on your primary assignment of running your business. Therefore, you need to get competent and quality host to trust for your website hosting. The three tips below will help you choose the right small business web host you will enjoy.

Go for well-established host company

Starting a hosting service is not a big deal anymore, anyone with the right server and software and can provide the environment for uninterrupted power supply and reliable internet connection is ready to be a host. Fortunately, advancement in technology has made this checklist easy to get for anyone willing to venture into hosting services.

But unless you go for the well-established ones, not every hosting company who started this way can afford the high-end solution to support their clients. You should understand that beyond putting in place, the necessary infrastructure for a hosting service, the support infrastructure including both hard and software provision might be a challenge for just anybody in the hosting business. For example, Shopify offers reliable and easy to use hosting services that can allow you to focus on your business.

Therefore, avoid the temptation of an individual web person providing web hosting service as they are mostly unprepared for the high-end of the job. Should you have a problem in the future, personal emotion and attitude will negatively affect your moving to another service.

Know what you want and what is available

If you are like everyone else, you need a hosting service that seamlessly keeps you online 24/7 without crises. Everything else is the headache of the hosting service provider. But when considering a web host that is the best, you need to know what options to ask for to get the best service.

Three options await you in term of hosting service they include: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. For a hosting continuity and best performance, the options before you include Managed and Unmanaged server services. We will look at each one for more understanding.

  • Shared hosting. It is when you share the same server with other people. It is okay if you don’t have such application that is space and resources demanding. The cost will reflect this as well.
  • VPS Hosting. Think of it as the shared hosting, but you have a private control over your space. The numbers of shareholders on VPS are also smaller compared to the shared hosting, but you can be guaranteed better resources, speed, and dependability.
  • Dedicated hosting. Think of it like renting a complete home instead of sharing part of the apartments in a house. If you can afford it and if your project demands exclusivity, then it’s a better option compared to the earlier ones. You need to prepare to pay the cost as it does not come cheap because you also need your tech staff to handle the management.
  • Managed server. It involves having a dedicated person handling the management of your hosting server for you. The job is beyond hosting alone; it includes all efforts to keep the server running and ensuring adequate support services including security watch, software update, hardware maintenance and all services to maintain the server without hiccups.
  • Unmanaged server. Of course, it just the opposite of managed server. The only responsibility here is to keep the server up and running without minding other little and necessary service details being in place. Think of it like going on a journey and riding on commercial transport where you paid for a seat and the same service where you hire the entire car with the driver dedicated to you. Imagine what you can do on your way to your destination.

What option is best for you?

From the options listed in tip number two, a dedicated and managed solution might be the best to give you all the latitude you need to run your business efficiently. However, if your concern is the money, you might want to look at less expensive options to start with until you have gained the traction in your business to afford the cost.

If your company rides on the internet, you have no other choice than living with hosting service, if you are in business. But as you progress in the journey, thinking of a hosting service where you have control over what you do is the best option for survival.


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